7 Best Cordless Iron in 2022 – [ Steam, Battery, Wireless ]

When we talk about appealing and lavish clothing, we imagine a crisp outfit. If you have wrinkles on your garments, they will look unattractive and cheap regardless of how good or expensive they are, trust me I have experienced such scenarios in recent times. Therefore, most people work hard to get a crease-free wearing and for that, you need to do appropriate ironing. Today, you get a ton of different brands in the market and there are a lot of people who don’t pay heed to what sort of iron they are purchasing. While some find themselves comfortable with the traditional irons, many look towards the best cordless iron and here is my list, which I’ve compiled with personal experience as well as research.

My Top-Rated Best Cordless Irons of 2022

  1. Best Overall: Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron
  2. Best Budget: Sunbeam Versa Glide Cordless Iron
  3. Best Steam: Black+Decker ICL500 Cordless Iron
  4. Panasonic 360 Ceramic Cordless Iron
  5. Rowenta DE5020 Freemove Cordless Iron
  6. Philips GC-2080/28 Cordless Garment Iron
  7. Tefal Fv9990 Cordless Iron

With the advancement of technology, we now have a lot of options when it comes to the modern-day iron industry. Many smart and high tech features are part of top-notch and high-end models. However, for that, you are certainly asked to pay more. But even if you want a good mid-ranged product, you can be sure to get one that satisfies all your basic ironing requirements. Here, we will take a look at the cordless iron, what it is, how it works, and some of the features you should look for while buying one.

After doing good research, testing some of the listed irons and going through several different brands, we have come up with our picks for the finest cordless iron. All the given products come with different features and are designed to address the varying needs of people. It is you who has to identify what kind of product works best for you. As I have to buy any product, I tend to do some research. The first step for me is to identify my needs and how I’ll be using a product. If I need iron for pressing regular garments, I would never buy those costly heavy steam options. However, if I have to go the other way and do some quilting, I’d be searching for an iron that has a stronger steaming.

All in all, figure out the use case and then weigh the features of a product in concern with how you’ll be using it. This saves you from under-spending as well as overspending.

Best Overall: Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Store: Amazon

Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron

Panasonic is a company, I have used a lot of products of, it is a company that offers reliability and has a solid reputation. Panasonic stands as a reputable brand in the electronics market for years and it is known to create functional and durable items. Whether you want a dry iron or you wish to work with a steam model, you will get it all with this NI-L70SRW.

The package gives you a 3 piece iron box where you get a strong charging base. There is a curvy stainless steel soleplate which makes it one of the best stainless steel iron, and you have control buttons that require a single touch for configuration and temperature settings before you can begin the ironing process. Moreover, the water tank is detachable which is a feature that you don’t often find in many products.

Also, safety is kept in mind which many people overlook when they work with the cordless irons. You have an adjustable steam option which gives you a chance to work with appropriate steam while the retractable reel of the charging base gives you an easy restoring option.

🖐️ Comes with retractable reel.
🖐️ An auto-shut feature that triggers after 10 minutes of inactivity.
🖐️ Can be used as steam as well as a dry iron.
🖐️ 1500 watts power.
🖐️ Ergonomic design.
🖐️ Curved stainless steel soleplate.
🖐️ Detachable water tank.
🖐️ Adjustable steam option.

Best Budget: Sunbeam Cordless or Corded 1500-Watt Anti-Drip Ceramic Hybrid Clothes Iron

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Store: Amazon

Sunbeam Versa Glide Cordless Iron

Amazon’s Choice ✅

There are instances when people want an iron that can give them both cordless and corded working. If this is the case, the Sunbeam’s updated 1500-watt hybrid corded/cordless clothes steam iron can serve as the best cordless iron for you. There is a switch that you can file to turn this into a cordless iron and operate it in freestyle. On the other hand, you can use it as a corded iron if needed as it works fairly fine with the attached base. It provides up to 60 seconds of continuous heat and steam in cordless mode.

Moreover, the iron has a unique anti-calcification operation, which assures that the iron won’t clog as you progress. Many people find that the steam generation gets lower and lower as they use an iron. It is because of the lime build-up and this feature assures that your pores stay open. Its self-cleaning optimizes the steaming function and provides you with a steady and strong steam supply.

The additional safety comes from the auto-shut feature of this iron. As you leave it unattended for about 30 minutes, the iron will turn off. Moreover, the 1500 watts operation assures that you don’t end up consuming a lot of energy. Overall, it is a perfect choice for those who want a decent iron that they can use corded as well as cordless and it’s one of the best budget-friendly steam irons.

🖐️ Convertible corded or cordless operation.
🖐️ Comes with anti-dripping and leak-free design.
🖐️ Automatic self-cleaning system to provide a steady steam.
🖐️ 10-foot long cord.
🖐️ Enhanced safety with 30 minutes auto-shut feature.

Best Steam: Black+Decker ICL500 Cordless Iron

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Store: Amazon

Black+Decker ICL500 Cordless Iron

Amazon’s Choice ✅

Searching for a versatile and solid iron that gives you an easy ironing option? Try out the Black and Decker ICL500. It is one of the finest cordless irons that come with an illuminated charging base. You can charge it for 10 seconds and then use the iron for up to 24 seconds as you work. All you need is to put the iron on its base during the time you take when adjusting the clothes and it will be recharged for your use.

The soleplate comes from a nonstick ceramic that provides durability and heat retention. Moreover, it glides smoothly over an array of fabrics which allows you to iron your garments efficiently. The safety is supplied with an auto-shutoff feature that turns the iron off when you leave it motionless for 8 minutes.

Also, you get different steaming options in the form of spray mist and steam burst. These controls assist you in removing the creases quickly and easily while you work with stubborn wrinkles. One can get a good crisp ironed wear in a matter of minutes with this extremely useful cordless iron.

🖐️ 1500 watt power consumption.
🖐️ 6 feet long base cord.
🖐️ Vertical steaming.
🖐️ Spray mist.
🖐️ Burst steam.
🖐️ Self-cleaning system.
🖐️ Nonstick ceramic soleplate.

Panasonic 360 Ceramic Cordless Iron

Ratings: 4.5/5 | Store: Amazon

Panasonic 360 Ceramic Cordless Iron

Amazon’s Choice ✅

If you want the trust of Panasonic and don’t want to deal with the model listed at the top, you can consider NI-WL602. There are many features in it due to which I am listing it asa top-rated iron. The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty and you get a ceramic soleplate to work with. All it takes is a few minutes for you to iron the clothes and get ready. Its compact design makes it a great fit for travelers while the lightweight and cordless operation ensures that you don’t end up straining your hand and arm at the end of the ironing process.

Moreover, it is also a great fit for people who want to get their hands on a good cordless iron without having to spend hundreds of dollars. You get a number of different lavish features, such as a removable water tank and vertical steaming. Moreover, you also have a cover case which makes it a great fit for travelers. If you worry about the usage, the instructions manual will guide you through the process thoroughly.

🖐️ 360-degree freestyle iron.
🖐️ Vertical steaming feature.
🖐️ Cordless, double point design.
🖐️ The expansive surface makes it a great pick to iron bigger fabrics.
🖐️ 1 year limited warranty.
🖐️ Detachable water tank.

Rowenta DW2459 Access Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

Ratings: 3.0/5 | Store: Amazon

Rowenta DW2459
Rowenta DW2459

If the speedboat design of this Rowenta DW2459 is not inspiring for you, I don’t know what else will be. The ironing process has been made quick and hassle-free with the ergonomic design of this iron from Rowenta. You won’t experience the stress and tiredness when working with this iron. With its lightweight operation and powerful steaming ability, you can get crisp and wrinkle-free clothes in no time.

You get a better soleplate design and easy gliding across different garments, smoothing hard-to-reach areas, and 1725 Watts of steam power. Retractable cordreel provides ultimate ease of use and storage and reduces risk of tripping. The long-lasting unit has both anti-calc and anti-drip features, which make it perfect for your household usage. Then there is a smart auto-off that provides appropriate safety which is kept to reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps.

Rowenta irons are designed with safety first in mind with automatic 3-way shut off system to prevent accidents. Rest assured you won’t find anything that may hinder you from purchasing Rowenta DW2459.

🖐️ Retractable cordreel for ultimate ease of use and storage.
🖐️ 3-setting thermostat knob – Easy to use and to select the ideal steam output based on fabric.
🖐️ Ergonomic design.
🖐️ Use tap water to iron – Easily fill the iron with easy fill hole, anti-drip lid and translucent water tank window.
🖐️ Automatic 3-way shut off system to prevent accidents.
🖐️ Even steam distribution throughout the soleplate.
🖐️ Stainless steel soleplate.

Philips GC-2080/28 Cordless Garment Iron

Philips GC-2080/28 Cordless Garment Steam Iron

If you look up to a relatively traditional design but want a cordless iron, you can turn to the GC2080/28 by Philips. It looks just like your standard iron but has a cordless operation, a charging base, and a few stand out features, which makes it perfect for this list. The ceramic soleplate assures that you don’t have any problem working with this iron and gliding it through various fabrics. Then, there is a lock button which is certainly a highlight when we consider other irons in our list.

A larger water tank is on offer with this model from Philips, and you don’t have to worry about the continuous refills as you steam your clothes. Leaking and dripping are taken care of with its anti-dripping feature while the anti-calc option assures that your steam vents stay open. The best part, it charges quickly and all you have to make sure is that you keep it at its base as you halt the ironing process.

However, a considerable thing here is the water tank filling. You have a slightly narrower opening, and one has to be very careful as he or she goes through the refilling process. Moreover, it is lightweight, which can be the preferred choice of some people. But it certainly means that you’ll have to press it with some force.

🖐️ 1800 watts power consumption.
🖐️ Comes with sequential steam and burst of steam.
🖐️ Strong steam option available.
🖐️ Vertical steaming.
🖐️ Quick charging.
🖐️ Ceramic soleplate.
🖐️ 9-ounce water tank.
🖐️ Anti-calc and anti-drip functions that work automatically.
🖐️ Comes with a lock button.
🖐️ 1 year limited warranty.

Tefal Fv9990 Cordless Iron

Tefal Fv9990 Cordless Iron

Many people have a misconception that cordless irons are not very powerful. If you have similar thoughts, you need to take a look at the Tefal FV9990. It is one of the finest irons in the market and certainly amongst the heaviest too. So, you don’t have to put a lot of pressure when you are ironing to get rid of the wrinkles and creases. There is an anti-drip system that works with temperature detection. As soon as the low temperature is detected, it cuts off the water supply to ensure that there aren’t any leaks.

Furthermore, you get a ceramic coated soleplate which comes from a scratch-proof material. So, when you are ironing, you don’t have to worry about the drag as the iron glides smoothly across your garments. A common problem with many irons in the lime build-up that lowers the steam production and shortens the lifespan of your product. Tefal takes care of it in FV9990 with the help of a lime collector that helps you in clearing the build-up and increasing the lifespan of your iron.

While the product is big and heavy, you might not find it comfortable if you are a frequent traveler. Also, the charging station takes some space, and people with smaller ironing spaces might not be able to fit it in. So, these are two considerations that you have to keep in mind as you buy Tefal FV9990. If you are not worried about space and don’t have to use this as your travel iron, it is probably the best cordless iron for you in the market.

🖐️ 2400 watts power.
🖐️ 3 different steaming options.
🖐️ 5 ounces water tank.
🖐️ Ceramic soleplate.
🖐️ Lime collecting function.
🖐️ Anti-drip and auto-shut system.
🖐️ Comes with a 1-year warranty.

What is a Cordless Iron?

A cordless iron, to state simply, is an iron that comes without a cord. They provide you a chance to stay away from the hassle of managing the cord. Often people who are working with bigger garments or don’t have a power outlet near their ironing table find it tough to work with the cords. Therefore, with cordless irons, you get a chance to move the iron around without worrying about the extension.

These irons work with the help of batteries. Some of the models come with replaceable batteries but most of the good models have a charging base. Just like you use a power outlet and a charger to recharge your smartphone, you’ll have to recharge these irons. If you think that you can go by without giving any power to the iron, you’ll have to rethink it. You still require replaceable or rechargeable batteries to power it up.

How Cordless Irons Work?

How does the best cordless iron work and how is it different from the traditional iron? Well, apart from the features that certainly depend on the model you choose, the primary difference comes from the cord. Cordless irons work with the help of a charging base. You need to connect the base to a power source and charge your iron as instructed. Once you are done with charging your iron and it reaches a particular temperature, lift up the iron and start using it.

Many people have the misconception that they can turn off and on the iron as they do with their smartphones and use them for a long time at a single charge. You need to keep the base intact with a power supply, and as you are ironing, you’ll have to assure that you put it back on the base as soon as you stop or halt the process. The returning of iron to its base helps your product in maintaining the heat. If you don’t return it to the base, it will start cooling down until you are left with a dry and cold iron that one cannot use to get rid of wrinkles. So, you need to recharge your iron.

How to Choose Cordless Iron?

As you are working with cordless iron, you get the freedom of movement. However, you might end up with a few restrictions as the absence of features is clearly present when you compare it with the corded versions. Nevertheless, the best cordless iron will be able to satisfy your daily household needs. Here, we will take a look at what makes a good cordless iron.

Charging and usage

The first thing you need to consider with such irons is the charging and usage time. People mistake it with the use of smartphones. They think that they’ll be able to recharge the iron once and use it for long before they have to recharge it again. Well, you get a base with most of these irons where you have to supply the power. As you place the iron, the base will recharge it for usage. When you lift it up, the battery starts draining, and depending on the capacity of the iron and your process; it will last for a limited time.

Mostly, you are required to keep the iron consistently on the base, as you take time to adjust clothes, to make sure that it is recharging continuously for your use. Else, you may drain the battery before you are done ironing your garments. Choosing an iron for daily use won’t be tough once you go through Iron Pro’s guides.


Next up, you have the soleplate which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The two things to consider here include the plate material and hole count. You need a soleplate which comes from a nonstick and easy to glide material that is durable enough to serve you for a few years to come. Moreover, even holes along the iron with appropriate hole count are essential to supply steady and even steam.

Steam output

The steam output is another aspect for you to consider as you pick an iron. One has to take a look at the iron and its usage and then figure out which steaming power would work best. Generally, the irons you get are good enough to deal with the wrinkles on your standard garments. However, if you plan on pressing linens and quilts, you might have to consider stronger steam output.


People who choose cordless irons tend to look towards the lightweight models. It is important for you to get a good weight because you don’t want to end up with a strain in your arm or wrist. So, make sure that you consider the weight of the iron and select the one that suits you.

What are Anti-scaling and Anti-dripping?

These are two selling points that you’ll find in many irons. The anti-scaling offers self-cleaning, which is important for the modern-day iron users. You don’t want to have lime buildup in your iron and end up with low steam output as you move along with the use of the iron. Moreover, there are individuals who complain about iron leaking as they use it at low temperatures which can lead to stains. Anti-dripping cuts off the water supply to iron on a low temperature and makes sure that you don’t have any leakage.

How Much Should I Spend on Cordless Iron?

Well, it is all a matter of preference and budget. Think about what you can easily spend on an iron without putting a strain on your monthly budget. Create a list of features you need in iron and start your search for the best cordless iron. Shortlist a few products that fall in your range and satisfy your requirements. From that, you can choose the one which is best suitable for your use and your budget.

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