Tefal Cordless Iron Review – (FV9990/FV9976) 2022

Are you tired of your iron cord getting in your way while pressing your clothes? Do you often iron the part of your shirt, but it gets tangled up again with the iron’s cord? Oops! Do you have to redo it? And if you are a left-handed person, it might be extra frustrating for you to iron your clothes, to change direction again and again so that the cord won’t get in your way.

Tefal Cordless Iron Review

Tefal FV9990 Cordless Iron

Well, we have a perfect product for you in the market. Tefal has released a new and excellent cordless iron named Tefal FV9990 Cordless iron. Yes, you heard it right. The iron is cordless, which means you no longer have to get frustrated with your ironing. This iron will make your ironing experience a lot easier and more fun.

🖐️ 2400 watts power.
🖐️ 3 different steaming options.
🖐️ 5 ounces water tank.
🖐️ Ceramic soleplate.
🖐️ Lime collecting function.
🖐️ Anti-drip and auto-shut system.
🖐️ Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Tefal FV9990 cordless iron is a fully-featured iron to rescue you from all your cord-related issues. The iron serves many features which will keep you hooked on this iron for a longer time, and once you switch to a cordless iron, there is no going back. The following list reveals all the interesting features.


The Tefal FV9990 cordless and free-move feature is on the top. It is cord-free iron which makes the ironing a lot more comfortable and convenient. This feature will allow you to have a smooth and easy-going experience. You no longer have to get annoyed with the cord messing up the already pressed part of your clothes.

You no longer have to change positions and direction around your table to get the cord out of your way. The Tefal FV990 Cordless iron gives you total freedom of movement.


The Tefal cordless iron has a Steam-on-Demand feature, giving solid and potent steam shots. The stubborn creases and wrinkles on your clothes are no match for this feature. The steam is 180g/min, and the steam is variable as well, which handles any ironing job with ease.


The other extraordinary thing about the Tefal free move cordless iron is its soleplate, which has increased holes distributed all over the soleplate. More holes on the iron mean more evenly distributed steam and more effective steam ironing. With this, the soleplate also has an auto-clean feature.

Ironing Time

As mentioned before, cordless does not mean it does not need power at all. Instead, the iron is charged, and you can go up to 40 seconds straight without any power connection. Once the iron cools down, you replace the iron on the recharged base. And the exciting thing about it is that it takes only 4 seconds to reheat. This time is as short as you readjust your clothes, and boom, your iron is ready to iron again at full power.

Auto Turn Off and The Anti-drip Feature

Additionally, the Tefal free-move iron has an auto turn-off feature for safety. It turns off after 30 seconds if not used. This feature helps not to burn your clothes. Apart from this, it has anti-drip quality as well with an easy filling water hole. The anti-drip feature assures you non-messy steam ironing.


The last notable thing about Tefal cordless iron is its weight. It is very light in weight, unlike the traditional bulky irons, which makes it very portable. You can carry the iron with you while traveling. You can store it in a small place as it’s very compact. All in all, this feature makes the ironing job a lot more effortless.

  • Give freedom of movement
  • Lightweight
  • 180g/min steam shots
  • Not hot enough for heavy curtains


How do you use a cordless iron?

The cordless irons are a break from the traditional corded irons. So it might seem impossible as there is no cord or direct power supply. But to use cordless iron is a piece of cake. You need to charge the iron base, iron your clothes freely, and place it back on the charged base to reheat after it cools down. You can adjust the temperature of the iron on the charging base.

Are cordless irons worth it?

A cordless, tangle-free, easy to reach hard place, and free to move iron is worth it. If you want fun and easy ironing, then you should buy this product. It does not only make your ironing smooth but is also lightweight and portable.

How long do cordless irons stay hot?

The ideal cordless iron has a heating time of 90 seconds. It can iron your clothes and remove creases effortlessly for 90 seconds straight without a direct power supply. After 90 seconds, the iron loses the heat. You need to recharge it, and when it heats up again, you are ready to go.

What Is a Cordless Iron?

Cordless iron, as the name suggests, lacks the cord. It does not mean that it works without any power or electric supply. Instead, it comes with a charging base that needs to be connected to a power outlet. The cordless iron works as any other battery-oriented appliance.

The charging base can be charged, and you place the cordless above the base to charge the iron. Then you can use the iron feely without any hurdle. In short, you still can not run away from not using electricity. But it will surely make your ironing experience easy. The cordless iron has many divided opinions, but it depends on your ironing habits and preferences.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Tefal FV9990 cordless iron provides all the good features you need in a cordless iron. It’s cord-free, so it solves your difficulties which you had with corded iron—making the ironing easy and fun without a cord in a way. It has more steam holes under its soleplate, assuring you to remove every single wrinkle out of your shirt.

Apart from this, the auto-clean, anti-drip, lightweight, and compact nature of the Tefal cordless iron adds more points to its excellence. This product gives you all the reason to buy your own. And make your ironing effortless, effective, and accessible.

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