Sunbeam Versa Glide Review – ( Cordless / Corded ) – 2022

In today’s world of technology where we have mind-blowing inventions which have made our lives very easy. Similar is this Sunbeam Versa Glide iron. It is a hybrid iron that works both cordless and with a cord. If you face hassle ironing with a rope, it gets very frustrating when your iron’s cord gets tangled again and again. Or it wrinkles up the ironed parts of your dress while ironing. So you might need this iron as a solution.

Your work should be fun, not frustrating. This Sunbeam Versa Glide is different from other cordless iron. This one comes both with a cord and can be used without a cord, making the ironing convenient and hassle-free. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about Sunbeam Versa Glide.

Sunbeam Versa Glide Review

Rating: 4.4/5

Sunbeam Versa Glide
🖐️ Convertible corded or cordless operation.
🖐️ Comes with anti-dripping and leak-free design.
🖐️ Automatic self-cleaning system to provide a steady steam.
🖐️ 10-foot long cord.
🖐️ Enhanced safety with 30 minutes auto-shut feature.

Sunbeam Versa Glide is an exciting product in the market. It ends the debate of cordless or corded iron and provides a hybrid solution. You can use it as you desire. You can switch between cord or cordless with just one flip of the button. The iron itself does not have a cord. It comes with a base in which you vertically place the iron.

Hybrid Function

The main feature of the iron is, of course, its dual nature. If you want easy-going ironing without the cord getting in the way or get tugged in the clothes while ironing. You flip the switch and convert to cordless mode. It offers freedom to left/right-handed people. You can use it from any direction freely.

On the other hand, if you want to iron bed sheets or curtains, you need constant heat to iron them properly. You can attach the cord and get a direct, steady heat supply. With the corded version of the iron, which has a continuous flow of power, you can iron perfectly without a single wrinkle.

Rechargeable and Reheatable

It’s among the finest cordless irons out there and when the iron is in cordless mode, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need any power to press your clothes. You will have to plug the base charger into the power supply to charge it. You can recharge or reheat it by placing it over the charged base.

Set the iron at your desirable temperature on which you want to press your clothes. Once you feel like the iron has cooled down, you place it again vertically on the base and it will get reheated with the set temperature. After reheating, you are ready to go to press your clothes freely.

Leak-Free System

The other feature of sunbeam Versa Glide is that it has a leak-free system. You can steam iron your clothes without the hazard of leakage, and there would be no leaks and mess. This problem is prevalent in a steam iron, but this leak-free system in Sunbeam Versa Glide is a great help.

Durable and Compact

The base of the iron is made up of stainless steel soleplate. This feature strengthens the durability of the iron. Apart from it, it is very lightweight and you can easily carry it with you on your trips or while traveling. Sunbeam versa glide is compact too; you can keep it in a small space.

Lightweight and Spray Mist Feature

This 2 in 1 product seems to be a heavy iron. But you’re mistaken; the Sunbeam Versa Glide iron is comparatively light in weight than the other iron. It is compact, lightweight, cordless. Doesn’t it sound like an ideal product? The product also has a spray mist for your stubborn wrinkles.

Automatic Shut-off

Are you a clumsy person who forgets to adjust the iron’s temperature or forgets to turn it off? Well, with this feature you don’t have to worry a lot. The automatic shut-off feature will turn off the iron if it gets too hot. This will help to prevent an accident or burning out your clothes.

Cordless Vs. Corded Iron

Both cordless and corded iron have their pros and cons. To choose between both is a very personal option. Some people like ironing with constant heat and don’t like to wait and take gaps to recharge the iron. While others do not like the hassle of a cord while ironing the clothes. They do not want to change the direction, again and again, to do tangled free ironing.

Sunbeam Versa Glide iron is perfect in this aspect. Why do you pay for two different products when you can have two facilities in one product.

  • It can be used cordless and corded
  • Leak-free steam system
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Not hot enough when used cordless


Are cordless irons worth it?

Cordless iron is best for your daily use. When you are in a hurry and quickly want to iron your shirt without any cord getting in the way. But it might not be hot enough to press your linen clothes or your heavy curtain. Otherwise, they remove the wrinkles out of your shirt as perfectly as a steamer.

Does cordless iron work without a power supply?

This is the biggest misconception about cordless irons. The answer is no; cordless irons do not work independently of the power supply. They come with a base which is charged through a plug cord connected to the power supply. After charging the base, you can heat your iron by placing it in the base.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, Sunbeam Versa Glide is such a good deal. You can have features of two different irons in one product. Without spending money on two different products, why not invest it in one place. You can convert the sunbeam Versa Glide to corded or cordless iron with just one flip.

The leak-free feature, the Powerful Shot Of Steam® to remove wrinkles, the extra 3-meter cord for freely pressing your clothes, and the variable steam control, all these features are the cherry on top. Hence we don’t see any flaws in not buying this product. There are some cons, like not excess heat in cordless mode, but they are few and far between.

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