About Us

Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting IronsPro and taking the time to know more about us by visiting this page.

I (Elizabeth) and Jeni (Jennifer) started this website to help those who are suffering due to bad ironing habits as well as couldn’t find the best of the irons in the broad ironing market. We’ve simplified everything for you on IronsPro so you can get rid of bad steam irons, which don’t help but make your job even worse.

Well, at the start, I wasn’t a pro but just like you who didn’t know much about irons. However, as time past, I gathered excellent knowledge of ironing, and during the journey, I also faced many issues such as buying shock prone irons, etc. and it helped me as well.

After all of the horrible things I’ve been through one day, I was sharing all these experiences with Jeni, and we came up with the idea of IronsPro as Jeni was interested in my stories, so we thought it would be helpful if we shared it with you guys as well. So, you could learn from my worst, as well as the best ironing experiences.

We have personally used many of the irons as well as did research on different reviews and also gathered information regarding what people found out for each iron after purchasing it. We have put it all together in guides so that you get all the benefits quickly.

Our guides include the top rated irons of the year, best selling irons of the year, affordable and budget-friendly irons as well as many other such as covering different types including steam and horizontal irons with hundreds of reviews to check and come to the final conclusion to make a guide on it for you.

This way, it makes it easy for you to make the perfect decision from our guides/reviews. Our review articles will help you with specific iron or collection of irons so that you can easily make a decision without the hassle of going through lots of dilemmas.

However, we also need your input related to the iron you’ve used so that we can include it in our next in-depth review. Please contact us on [email protected] or visit our contact us page for any query so that we can assist you better. Also, don’t hesitate to point out if we’ve missed something which worked excellently for you as we are always open to learning new and cool stuff, just like you.