10 Best Clothes Steamer in 2021 – [ Top Handheld Picks ]

Cloth steamer is an effective and quick tool for removing all kinds of stubborn wrinkles from the fabrics of any type including drapes, slipcovers of furniture and linens. Steamers are one of the most effective ways of removing wrinkles from clothes and are easily usable. You can easily use a steamer as a professional and there could be many ways of using a clothes steamer. Let’s look at the best clothes steamers present in the market.

Quick Answer: Top-Rated Best Clothes Steamer In 2021

  1. Best Overall: PurSteam 2021 Clothes Steamer
  2. Best Budget: Rowenta DR8080 Stainless Steel Steamer
  3. Best Handheld: VUNAIRE Portable Mini Clothes Steamer
  4. Best Travel: COMLIFE Portable Clothes Steamer
  5. OGHom Handheld Steamer for Clothes
  6. Uarter Mini Travel Clothes Steamer
  7. AISIKER Portable Mini Handheld Steamer
  8. J-4000 Jiffy Steam Head Steamer
  9. PICTEK Handheld Garment Steamer

Best Overall: PurSteam 2021 Clothes Steamer

Ratings: 4.4/5 | Store: Amazon

PurSteam 2020 Clothes Steamer

Amazon’s Choice ✅

The PurSteam full-size clothes steamer has been professionally designed in the USA to be one of the most powerful steamers available. This steamer can have a steam flow even more than 30 percent as compared to several other steamers that have 2x higher prices than this. 

Moreover, this steamer is really user-friendly having almost 4 levels of steaming which you can control as per your needs and requirements. You can steam up to the highest pressure based on the need. This steamer is really easy, efficient and effective to use. The steamer also contains some attachments including a woven hose, fabric brush and a clothes hanger which makes it even more desirable. 

This steamer has a prevented water tank cap which never lets it open and makes steaming even safe and comfortable. This cap prevents opening the tank which has hot steam that can lead to severe skin burns. 

Furthermore, the steamer has a money-back guarantee which makes it durable for you to have. You’ll really love the customer service of this amazing steamer. This steamer is really one of the best steamers in iron accessories and provides you a great on hanger steaming experience.  

🖐️ Made in the USA.
🖐️ User-friendly steaming.
🖐️ Comes with clothes hanger, fabric brush, and woven hose.
🖐️ 100 percent money-back guarantee.
🖐️ 30 percent more steam than the other models.

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Best Budget: Rowenta DR8080 Stainless Steel Steamer

Ratings: 4.0/5 | Store: Amazon

Rowenta DR8080 Stainless Steel Steamer

Amazon’s Choice ✅

Rowenta DR8080 is a fast and powerful clothes steamer with the power of approximately 1500 watts. The steamer gets heated quickly in just less than 45 seconds. This steamer is perfect for you to not only clean your clothes but also sanitize them by killing almost 99.9 percent of the germs from the clothes. You can also use this steamer to get rid of dust mites in just a matter of minutes. Get this Rowenta handheld powerful steamer right now and freshen your household including the furniture, rugs, and curtains. 

Moreover, the steamer comes with amazing attachments and accessories including a fabric brush which is really helpful for wiping off the wrinkles while steaming. Moreover, the steamer contains a lint pad to remove hair or lint from the garments during steamer. It also has a steam bonnet that prevents any type of leaking water from staining the garments that you’ve been steaming. 

This steamer has a removable water tank with a storage space of 6.76 oz. You can fill the steamer any time you feel the need from the tap water. The steamer can steam for 10 minutes continuously when once filled with water. 

🖐️ Powerful and fast to heat.
🖐️ Sanitizes 99.9 percent.
🖐️ Ergonomic design.
🖐️ Different steaming modes.

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Best Handheld: VUNAIRE Portable Mini Clothes Steamer

Ratings: 4.7/5 | Store: Amazon

VUNAIRE Portable Mini Clothes Steamer

The VUNAIRE portable garment steamer is basically a travel-sized steamethat you can store anywhere anytime. This steamer is a mini handheld fabric steamer with a very lightweight and a height of 8.4 inches. The steamer because of its portability and small size can fit into your suitcase easily. The steamer has a power voltage of 950 watts which is just amazing in this size and enough to remove stubborn wrinkles from the garments. You can never find a better travel partner than this steamer. 

Moreover, the steamer was designed to be the 20s faster in heating up and has a steam time of a minimum of 10 minutes continuously. This is one of the best value garments steamers available to get rid of all the wrinkles from the clothes. The steamer is best to be used on the delicate type of fabrics. You can even use it effectively on heavy materials. This steamer is designed with the latest leak-resistant technology which stops water leakage and spitting even if you are using it in the flat mode. The steamer remains very kind on the clothes while steaming. It is ideal to be used on delicate dresses, suits, bedding, carpets, sofas and much more. 

The steamer is easy to use and has a compact body with a cord of about 7.8 feet that makes steaming easy and convenient. Also, the automatic power-off feature of the steamer prevents any accidents and keeps your clothes and fabric-safe while steaming. The steamer has a worry-free customer service of 5 years for you to get any quality-related issues sorted easily. 

🖐️ Perfectly sized.
🖐️ Fast heat up.
🖐️ Upgraded anti-leak design.
🖐️ Long 7.8 feet cord.
🖐️ 5-year customer service.

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Best Travel: COMLIFE Portable Clothes Steamer

Ratings: 4.8/5 | Store: Amazon

COMLIFE Portable Clothes Steamer

The COMLIFE portable garment steamer is a quick hot steamer which gets heated in almost less than 20 seconds. The steamer also has a detachable water tank of about 120 ml which lets you steam your clothes for a continuous-time of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you would have to fill the water tank again. The steamer has the power of 950W and the nozzle it has is of such unique design that it consistently steams the stubborn and tough wrinkles and removes them in almost no time. This steamer provides a fresh and neat look to your clothes. 

Moreover, the steamer has a 360-degree anti-leak design which makes it even easier to use. You can now use this steamer at any angle without being afraid of it starting leaking. You can even use it upside down. The steamer has been designed with an ultimate innovative technology that will never have any water leaks and spitting. Using this steamer you can enjoy dry and safe ironing without any risk of water spills and burns.

Furthermore, the steamer is manufactured by taking care of all the security guidelines. Moreover, it has been certified by different certifications including RoHS, CCC, ETL, and CE. This steamer has been made with double heat insulation and pro-quality heat resistant materials so that it can prevent scalding. The steamer has an auto shut off feature which automatically turns off the steamer when it gets too hot or there is a shortage of water in the water tank. When the temperature crosses an optimum level, the steamer automatically turns off. 

Also, using this instant clothes steamer, you can get rid of any tough and hard wrinkles on your clothes. This mini steamer is highly effective on stubborn clothes wrinkles. It also sterilizes the fabrics and makes it smooth and soft to touch. You can use this steamer on any type of fabric including nylon blends, wool, linen, cotton and all the other kinds of organic fabrics. Using this steamer, you can steam your clothes, sofas, curtains, table clothes and much more. 

This clothes steamer is so lightweight and portable and this is actually a handheld steamer which you can take with you wherever you want. The steamer is compact enough for you to store it in your luggage bag. Moreover, this clothes steamer also has a long length power cord which makes steaming much convenient and easy for you. 

🖐️ Quick heat-up.
🖐️ Anti-leak design.
🖐️ Automatic shut off.
🖐️ Instant steams.
🖐️ Portable and lightweight.

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OGHom Handheld Steamer for Clothes

Ratings: 4.1/5 | Store: Amazon

OGHom Handheld Steamer for Clothes

The OGHom clothes steamer has a high capacity of 240 ml due to which the steamer can function continuously for more than 15 minutes. The steamer is lightweight and has a small size due to which it is one of the best traveling steamers. 

Moreover, the steamer is made with leading technology and a 304 stainless steel designed panel which gets heat up fast and always remains rust-free and protects the clothes while steaming. The steamer is made with high-quality components and has a powerful steaming functioning. 

🖐️ 240ml capacity.
🖐️ Made with high technology.
🖐️ Convenient to use.
🖐️ Powerful functioning.
🖐️ High-quality manufacturing .

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Uarter Mini Travel Clothes Steamer

Ratings: 4.6/5 | Store: Amazon

Uarter Mini Travel Clothes Steamer

The Uarter Portable garments steamer is an upgraded highly technological steamer that you can use for traveling as well because of its lightweight and portable design. The steamer is so easy to store and pack. You can also keep it with your other stuff in the suitcase. Just have this steamer and enjoy convenient steaming. 

This steamer can be used at a 360 degrees angle and has an anti-spill feature. The steamer is designed with leading technology which helps in solving water leakage and spraying features. You can use the steamer as horizontal and vertical steam ironing. The best thing about this steamer is that you can use it without having an iron board. 

Moreover, this handheld steamer has a functioning power of 950W and is one button auto start. The steamer needs only 25 seconds to get heated up. The automatic power-off feature of this steamer makes it so reliable and safe to use. Also, it also prevents your clothes from drying and burning. The water tank of this steamer at one time can store 110ml of water which can let the steamer function for a maximum of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you need to refill the tank.

🖐️ Portable and lightweight.
🖐️ Dry steaming.
🖐️ 360-degree functioning.
🖐️ Safe to use.
🖐️ Quick heating.

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AISIKER Portable Mini Handheld Steamer

AISIKER Portable Mini Handheld Steamer

The steamer has got an amazing ergonomic design with a weight of only 2.2 lbs. which is really easy to handle. Moreover, the steamer has a comfortable handle too with which you can hold it easily and enjoy the amazing experience of steaming. The best thing about this steamer is that using this you can steam any type of the fabrics including thick, large and delicate ones. 

The steamer contains different modes and levels of steaming starting from the highest to lowest and you can select the level based on your ease and the fabric you intend to steam. You can even steam jackets and coats with this steamer.

It is small, portable and easy to use with an inner electromagnetic pump to provide a continuous steaming experience to the users. 

🖐️ Portable and small.
🖐️ Built-in electromagnetic pump.
🖐️ Leakage prevention.
🖐️ Automatic shut off.
🖐️ 1-year warranty and professionally certified.

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J-4000 Jiffy Steam Head Steamer

Ratings: 4.2/5 | Store: Amazon

J-4000 Jiffy Steam Head Steamer

The J-4000 Jiffy Garment steamer has a powerful functioning voltage of 1500 watt with a built-in Incoloy heating element. The steamer has brass based couplings and an aluminum housing of die-cast. Moreover, the steamer has different steaming and preheating settings and you can select the best based on the fabric you intend to steam.

Furthermore, the steamer also has an automatic shut off feature which turns the steamer off automatically if the temperature exceeds the optimum level. With a large capacity water tank of this steamer, you can steam the clothes with a continuous-time of 2 hours. 

🖐️ Powerful functioning voltage.
🖐️ Preheat and steam settings.
🖐️ Aluminum housing.
🖐️ 2 hours of the continuous function.

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PICTEK Handheld Garment Steamer

PICTEK Handheld Garment Steamer

The PICKTEK handheld garment steamer is so fast to heat-up that it takes no more than 60 seconds to get heated. More than this, the steamer has got a water tank of 110 ml which provides a continuous and more powerful steaming of about 7 to 8 minutes. The steamer is so effective in removing all the kinds of stubborn wrinkles from the drapery, tablecloths, and garments. 

Moreover, the steamer is portable and lightweight with a weight of 1lb and smart size. This amazing handheld steamer has a carrying pouch with it too which you can use to store the steamer anytime while taking it with you on travels. This steamer if compared with the traditional iron has less weight, faster and affordable. This steamer is really effective and convenient to use. You just need to turn on the steamer with one button press which makes steaming much more convenient and easy. It also saves your ironing time. You can use this steamer at a 45 degree angle.

Furthermore, this steamer has ETL fabric certification which makes it safe to use. The steamer never gets overheated and if it does, it automatically turns off. This feature prevents your clothes from accidental burnings and scorches. The pro is that this steamer has a built-in baffle which becomes a barrier between burning hot water and you to provide you ultimate protection. 

🖐️ Fast heat-up.
🖐️ Portable and lightweight.
🖐️ Effective and efficient.
🖐️ ETL certified.

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Hemsta Vertical Handheld Garment Steamer

Hemsta Vertical Handheld Garment Steamer

The Hemsta Vertical handheld portable garment steamer has a steamed brush iron which has a traditional and contemporary design. You can never find such a helpful garment steamer than this Hemsta vertical handheld steamer. 

Using this steamer, you can even steam the hanged clothes directly and get rid of all the stubborn wrinkles on them. Moreover, you can steam your clothes by placing them on hard surfaces like tables. There is a brush too which helps in wiping out all the unnecessary materials from the clothes while steaming. This lets you get rid of all the dust and dirt from the clothes. 

🖐️ 160 degrees steaming.
🖐️ Vertical steaming.
🖐️ Comes with a brush.
🖐️ Works as a sterilizer.

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How to buy the perfect clothes steamer?

Before buying a clothes steamer for you, you need to review some of the steps and tips so that you can make a wise decision. Most of the professional cleaners use steamers and they know the worth of great clothes steamers. Steamers also remove odors from the clothes and freshen and neaten the fabrics. Another benefit of using a clothes steamer is that it is much faster and more effective than ironing and it doesn’t damage or scorch the fabric.

Below mentioned are some of the factors to consider:

1- Type 

Steamers could be of different types based on their usage. You could be using your steamer at home or during a journey. So based on the usage, steamers are divided into two categories including a travel steamer and a home steamer. 

2- Set price 

Steamers as per their brands, categories, features and usages may have different price ranges. For you to select the best clothes steamer, you have to determine the budget first and then select the steamer according to the best features you get in the determined budget. 

3- Reviews 

Don’t forget to read the performance rating reviews of the products you want to buy on the internet. You need to research several available options and select that one to buy which has the most positive reviews. The customer reviews matter a lot in shaping the image of a product. Thus reading reviews can help you a lot in making a wise decision. 

4- Attachments and features

When you are in a process to make the buying decision, get details of all the available attachments and features in the steamers you’ve shortlisted to buy. There could be several things as attachments and features that you may have to look forward to while buying the clothes steamer for you. Look for the number of brushes, handles, heat levels and different steam levels present in that certain steamer. 

5- Energy usage 

Energy usage is the last and one of the most important things that you need to know before buying a particular clothes steamer for you. You need to know the energy usage and steamer’s wattage normally mentioned on the fine print. However different steamers on the basis of their size and features may have different energy usage levels but you need to check what suits you the most and then buy the most suitable steamer. 

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Why are clothes steamers important?

Clothes steamers are also called garments steamers or travel steamers and they are designed so perfectly to provide just a finishing look to your clothes with or without a press. A clothes steamer will help you in decreasing your clothes in just the last moments of heading out somewhere and will save you time and is really efficient. 

Clothes steamers are lightweight and so easy to use. While using a steamer, you won’t require any unnecessary apparatus with you as you can steam your clothes vertically or horizontally. You can also use the clothes steamers for different types of delicate clothes because they have a risk of getting scorched while ironing. 

Buying a clothes steamer is the perfect option for the people who iron one cloth at once and they are always in a hurry. Even a lightweight iron can’t be better than having a portable lightweight clothes steamer. There are several brands offering different types and categories of clothes steamers for you which all contain different specifications and features. 

Basically, steamers on the basis of their nature of use have two categories, upright and handheld. The handheld clothes steamers are normally lightweight, much portable and smaller than the upright clothes steamers. They usually fall under the weight category of 2kg. While the upright clothes steamers on the other hand are a bit heavier than the handheld steamers having weights under 7kgs. The handheld clothes steamers are the best to take on travel with you because they are portable and they can easily be kept in a travel bag. Handheld steamers have smaller water tanks and they usually have shapes like a water shower head or just like a kettle.

On the contrary, the upright steamers having more weight and increased size are suitable for households or professional usage. Such steamers have huge water tanks in them which don’t need to be filled repeatedly. Upright steamers work longer than the handheld steamers and they are more powerful and consume more energy.

Clothes steamers usually have different prices ranging from £25 and £150. Handheld models of the clothes steamer are relatively cheaper but still, they can fall in different price categories. 

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What else can you do with a clothes steamer?

Clothes steamers can have different uses. It can be a complete change for you and you can use it in several ways. The first and the most important thing about a clothes steamer is that it neaten the clothes and clears all the unnecessary wrinkles from them. You can never have a better option than using a clothes steamer for DIY dry cleaning of your clothes. Other than dry cleaning of your clothes, using a clothes steamer you can also clear all the dirt and stubborn stains from the carpet in just a few minutes. 

Here below are some of the most efficient and remarkable uses of clothes steamers that might be really unexpected for you to know.

1- Removes grease

If you love baking cakes but you over have been greased with cake-on, you can use a garment steamer to get rid of all the grease that has built up with time. You just need to make sure that the focus of steam coming out of the steamer is completely on the buildup. The grease will eventually start to melt and you can wipe it off to clean it clear.

2- Sanitizing the countertops 

A clothes steamer works as the perfect sanitizer for the countertops. Using a clothes steamer for sanitizing the countertops is probably the most favorable and environmentally friendly way to deeply clean your bathroom and kitchen. It has been scientifically proven that steam cleaning of the countertops is effective in removing almost 99.9 percent of the bacteria and is a chemical-free sanitizer as well. 

3- Removing dirty grout 

Your kitchen and bathroom may have a bulk of dirty grout which may be really problematic to get rid of. Such grouts can really be tough to clean unless you use the right strategy and there can be no better option than cleaning the grout using the clothes steamer. You just need to directly steam the grouted lines and the dirt will automatically start losing itself. Wipe it out once it has completely loosen.

4- Defrosting the freezer 

You might be tired of trying manual ways to defrost your freezer but now you can easily defrost your freezer in just a matter of seconds by using your clothes steamer. You just need to make sure that you don’t make any direct contact with the steamer with water while you are defrosting the ice. Moreover, you must be aware of the cautions of using a steamer to defrost the ice as it is an electric appliance.

5- Refresh the upholstery

If you want to freshen up the upholstery without getting the help of the dry cleaners, here is a foolproof idea. You can use your steamer to steam clean the bedding, curtains and the upholstery. Using a steamer won’t only sanitize them but also they’ll look clean and new. 

6- Cleaning shower doors and curtains

The humidity present in your bathroom can create so many molds and build great amounts of mildew in the bathroom particularly in the shower area. This, however, would be a surprise for you to know that you can quickly remove the grime from the glass doors and shower curtains by directly steaming them using your clothes steamer. This is a great way of sanitizing the shower doors and curtains as well. 

7- Cleans windows and mirrors 

You might be finding a splotch-free way using which you can wipe down your windows and mirrors. You must be surprised to know that you can just clean all the dirt and dust from your windows and mirrors using a clothes steamer in just minutes. 

8- Car cleaning 

Car cleaning can be a tough job especially when you have to clean all its crannies and nooks. You can keep your car clean by using your handheld clothes steamer. You just need to directly steam the spot areas and get them cleaned so fast. 

9- Take stubborn carpet stains

A clothes steamer might be smaller in size as compared to those huge carpet steamer but they are almost the same inefficiency. You can use your clothes steamers for easy cleaning of carpets and rugs. You just need to point the steamer’s nozzle directly on the stains and spots and once the blotch starts loosening, wipe it off. 

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Which is the best steamer to buy?

  • The PurSteam full-size clothes steamer has been professionally designed in the USA to be one of the most powerful steamers available. This steamer can have a steam flow even more than 30 percent as compared to several other steamers that have 2x higher prices than this. 

What are the different types of steamers?

  • There are basically two types of steamers including a handheld steamer and an upright steamer. Both have their own pros and cons and usages. However, the handheld steamers are more portable and have less weight as compared to the upright steamers. Normally the handheld steamers are referred to as the travel steamers. 

What factors to consider while buying a clothes steamer?

  • While buying a clothes steamer, there are several factors that you need to consider including the type of steamer you want to buy, the nature of the use of the steamer, heating uptime, availability of steam levels and price of the steamer. 

What is the best instant clothes steamer?

  • COMLIFE Portable Garment Steamer, 950W Powerful Clothes Steamer is the best instant clothes steamer. Using this instant clothes steamer, you can get rid of any tough and hard wrinkles on your clothes. This mini steamer is highly effective on stubborn clothes wrinkles. It also sterilizes the fabrics and makes it smooth and soft to touch.

What is the price range for steamers?

  • The clothes steamers may have different prices. However, the upright steamers are usually more expensive than the handheld steamers because they are bigger in size, have much capacity and normally used by the professionals. 

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