ROWENTA DW9280 Review – Top Steam Iron In 2022

Ironing has made it easier for us to wear whatever we want, whenever we want. From the earliest civilizations, this technology has been utilized by man and companies have worked since then to bring new and innovative designs to the surface. One such sleek and effective product is by a German brand, Rowenta. This brand is known worldwide for its brilliance and quality products and has created a name for itself in the iron industry and other home appliances. Its many worth-mentioning products are vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, irons, etc. It has become so popular that every household has at least one of their products. One of the top irons in the line includes DW9280 and in the Rowenta DW9280 review you’ll learn a lot more about Rowenta’s top irons.

Since its beginning in 1909, it has supplied quality machinery and innovative technology, a prime example of that is Rowenta DW5080. And one of the recent items from this store is the Rowenta DW9280. It is a digital display steam iron, the four words say it all. It has revolutionized the conventional ironing processes in ways that one never thought of. Ironing has now become fun and easy. But how so? What is so different and unique in this model? Why are we loving it so much and why should you give it a try? In the following essay, you are going to get all your answers.

Type:Vertical Steaming
Soleplate:Stainless Steel
Tip Type:Precision Tip
Power:1800 Watts
Holes:400 Micro Steam Holes
Water Tank:11.8oz
Power Saving:Aut-off System
Self Cleaning:Yes
Additional Feature:Anti-calc / Anti-drip Feature
Safety:LED Temperature Display
Damage Control:Auto-Shut – 8 min
Steam Burst:100 Grams/Minute
Weight:3.8 lbs
Product Dimensions:12 x 6 x 7 in

Features of Rowenta DW9280

  • Works efficiently on 1800 watts of power for all sorts of garments; linen, cotton, curtains, blankets.
  • The steam output is extra-ordinarily superior; propels 210 g/minute and helps get rid of the worst wrinkles.
  • Stainless steel sole-plate with 400 holes; ideal for equal steam distribution and covers a wider and broader surface area.
  • Display steam that notifies you about the heat levels.
  • Three-way shutting off the system.
  • Anti-calc properties and self-cleaning system.
  • Fine finish and polish.
  • Price: the only problem with this iron is its price. Many people who are accustomed to paying $30-$50 dollars for irons will never be able to spend on this iron. It is, however, not the most expensive but still is too much for the features. It is $140, which is too much for an iron. However, the product does offer a one year warranty that proves its supremacy in quality and efficiency.

Rowenta DW9280’s Cutting-edge Technology

The first of all reasons is the fact that Rowenta has always focused on improvement. None of its products was anything like the previous one and this innovation brought them into the mainstream and helped them rule the industry. The latest DW9280 is yet another proof of Rowenta’s smart work as its slick and decent look gives it all away. It is designed beautifully with a brilliant combination of colors. The company has made sure that the products catch the public eye and it does for all the right reasons.

Worth the Price?

The second question that comes in most minds is worth it. When we step outside to buy products, we compare them with other similar items and check for the price. Some products offer more and impeccable features at less price. Others are just charging for the brand name. Which category does Rowenta belong to? Well, to answer this question with logic experts compared the iron with other such products and concluded that the piece of elegance is worth its price. Rowenta is a masterpiece and more than just the looks.

Performance on Charts

If we compare the performance of DW9820 with other competitive items, the former is the clear winner. It withstands 1800 watts of power and utilizes it to provide a sufficient amount of steam with ease of operation. You don’t have to push hard for the steam to come out. Also, the steam’s pressure and density are just right for the purpose. What else do you need in a product? In a nutshell, if we are to conclude its performance, it’s safe to say that the bells and whistles are worth its noise.

The soleplate

Its soleplate is made of stainless steel, one of the finest and light as feather materials used for ironing. Also, the soleplate comes with 400 microholes. This is another brilliant and smart choice of manufacturers. The micro-holes propel more steam and cover a larger surface area than the conventional holes and that is what makes it different and better than others. All the more reasons for it to qualify as a professional-steam iron. The holes are equipped and inoculated to provide efficient and superior output and equal steam distribution over the whole cloth making it better and finer.

Vertical Steaming

So what if you have to iron clothes that are too complex to get off the hanger? Or what if you just want to remove one wrinkle or two of your hanging garments? What would you want in such a situation? DW9820 is here to solve these problems. With it, you don’t need to move your cloth because its vertical steaming allows you to iron hanging clothes with the same effectiveness. The steam propulsion is the same as for the horizontal position. Plus the iron’s weight is not a problem here. It is easy to lift and you can easily iron whatever you want to.

Superior Steam Output of Rowenta DW9820

We have frequently mentioned that the steam output is extraordinary for this iron. And none of it is a lie. When checked and compared with all other irons, Rowenta’s steam output is 210 grams/minute. It is extremely superior and better than all other competitor irons. You may think that many other professional irons have a better output than what we are claiming. But when we say competitor, it means for all the products in the same category of price, finish, worth, and market value. And in this regard DW9820 is exceptional.

Steam Sensor

Many products eat up electricity when you forget to turn it off after using it. However, this iron is smart enough to help you get through this problem also. A motion sensor is installed in the iron that stops steam propulsion when the iron is still. So, if you have forgotten to turn it off after the work is done, no need to worry about it as it will shut it down itself. It saves not only electricity but also water that is used up to make steam. However, this feature is not effective enough and takes time to act upon.

Beautifully Designed

A product that is designed brilliantly has to meet the eye and this is what the manufacturers must have thought before launching this item. The first impression is the last impression and the first look is what develops a mindset. And this iron is sure to get it right. With a shimmering blue color and fine polishing, DW9820 is worthy of all praise. It gives it a sleek look and a touch of grace. So before you set out to buy an iron, be prepared for you to be charmed by its beauty.


When compared with other irons, one thing that drops its worth is its weight.

Although it is quite light, many other items are way more lightweight than it. Rowenta weighs 3.85 pounds. It may not sound a lot unless you know that many other irons weigh only 1.5 pounds. That is 60% lighter than this product. For professional press-people, it may be a pro because thick fabrics need to be pressed a little for optimum ironing. However, this is not as ideal as thought for vertical steaming. But with the ergonomic display and design, it is not a big deal.

The Precision Tip of Rowenta DW9280

Another amazing feature of this iron is the precision tip. This tip makes ironing easier than ever for it can remove wrinkles way more easily. Also, it reaches the spots and areas of the fabric that are otherwise hard-to-reach. These areas like seams, collars, and between the buttons can be stubborn.

The digital display

How can anybody forget to talk about the digital display? It lets you know about a lot of things and has a lot more depth than what the surface depicts. The LED turns on when you have reached the optimal heat level needed to iron a piece of fabric. You can adjust the heat level using the knob and once it is set, you will be notified when the iron is ready.

An added perk of self-maintenance

With many steaming irons came the problem of cleaning and maintaining it. This product solves the problem for you. It is concerned about the user’s safety and a three-way turning off mechanism has ruled out any chance of an accident. If you have left the iron vertically to check on the door, it will auto-turn-off after 8 minutes. If you have left it horizontally or on its side, it will shut down after 30 seconds.

One of the best things about it is that it works with any sort of water. That means whatever input you provide it the output is of high quality. All you have to do is hit the right button and it will self-clean itself and the water. The mineral deposits are washed off and the anti-calcium system improves its efficiency.

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