How to Get Rid of Shiny Iron Marks on Clothes [Best Guide]

I always try hard to get a freshly ironed and crisp piece of wearing. Also, I think it’s the case with most of us. You may spend long in an attempt to get a fresh-looking shirt. However, the problem can arise when your iron is too hot, or you leave it on your shirt for too long. It can lead to iron marks on your shirt, and they are very much likely to destroy the outlook of your wear. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of shiny iron marks on clothes as this can happen to anyone. Regardless of how good you are at ironing your clothes, it can happen any time, and you must be prepared to tackle any such unwanted situation.

Getting rid of the scorch marks can be hard. It depends on the cloth and fabric type, and there are instances when you get a permanent one, which won’t go away. However, as soon as you realize that you have got a mark, here is how to remove shiny iron marks on clothes.

Getting Rid of Shiny Iron Marks: Treatment & Washing

Several strains can be dealt with easily if you act quickly and wash it right away. Scorch marks are no different, and you are likely to get rid of the imprint if you start working on it immediately. Many people commit the mistake that they wait to iron the rest of the shirt or clothes before they start working on the stain. It can make a huge difference, and there are instances when you may leave a dark spot in that area after the removal of shiny iron marks just because you haven’t acted quick enough.

Rinsing with Warm Water

Start by rinsing the spot with some warm water. It is pre-treating of the fabric, and you need to do it for a number of different purposes. First of all, you get a clear idea of how bad the mark is as you rinse it with water. It washes away any loose signed matter, and you get a clear overview of what you are going to deal with. Moreover, it also prepares your clothes for absorbing the laundry detergent that I am going to use as I move ahead.

Using Laundry Detergent

Once you are done rinsing the shirt with water, pour some laundry detergent into the stain. It may appear as the clothes are not absorbing it. However, you should gently rub the clothes with your fingers as most people do when they try to get rid of a stain. It helps in settling the detergent into the stain before you can wash it, assuring that your shirt gets a deep wash.

Many people commit a mistake that they immediately apply the bleach or other cleaning solutions on the imprints. Well, this process can backfire, so you must wait and proceed with the use of laundry detergent before you move to any other solution. Another notable point is that the liquid detergents serve as the best solution in such situations as compared to the powdered option. But if you plan on using the latter, make sure that you mix it with water to form a paste.

Soaking in Bleach

Before you proceed with this step, I suggest you read the label you have on your clothes. Make sure that the fabric is safe to work with bleach or else you’ll end up destroying your shirt. Many guides around the internet that provide a solution to getting rid of shiny marks suggest you use bleach straight away. However, I prefer doing it after I am done trying laundry detergent, and the result is yet to be attained.

Don’t just put some bleach on your clothes and start rubbing it. Instead, mix some bleach with water and let it settle. Put your stained shirt into the water and let it soak for about 15 minutes in the solution before you wash it. As for the quantity, different guides on how to get rid of shiny iron marks on clothes would provide you varying options. I found a capful or two working appropriately with around a gallon of water.

Also, don’t forget to stir the mixture every now and then as you put your shirt. Assure that it is properly soaked into the mixture and wash it after the given time. Some individuals might be unsure about how their shirt will react to the bleach. Well, a general rule is that you don’t wash the wool, silk, and mohair with bleach. Moreover, if you have clothes that are non-colorfast, you should refrain from trying this remedy.

Do Regular Laundry

Launder your shirt and make sure that you do it as per the care label instructions. Here, you don’t have to do anything different than normal. Just wash it as you do on a regular basis and make sure that it gets proper wash. Working on removing shiny iron marks on clothes, you may think of using bleach or other cleaning solutions as you wash your imprinted shirt. Well, you can use any solution as long as it is safe for your shirt and is suitable for the fabric type.

Let it Dry in Sunlight

Finally, it is time to see whether the efforts have paid off and you are good to wear the shirt again or not. However, there is a notable point that you might have to wash it more than once. Take out the shirt and take a look at the mark, which, hopefully, will be less visible. If not, give it another wash and see the results. After a couple of washes, let the clothes dry in direct sunlight. Some individuals prefer using a dryer, but it would be ideal for putting it directly under the sunlight.

There are a few guides on how to get rid of shiny iron marks on clothes that may let you use the dryer. After all, it is all a matter of personal preference. However, drying it under direct sunlight can help the cause. The reason is that sun rays are beneficial in lightening the darks, and it works with all sorts of unsightly stains in your fabric. It also includes the scorch marks and, thus, you can lighten up the things by putting your shirt under sunlight.

How to Get Rid of Shiny Iron Marks on Clothes with Home Remedies?

A few popular home remedies for getting rid of shiny iron marks on clothes are washing with vinegar and lemon. While it stands true that these solutions can be effective against scorch marks, you have to be cautious about the use. The results largely depend on how good you are with following the instructions and how effectively you treat the burn marks. Also, if you use the best vertical steam irons then you might not have to face such issues in the first place.

Washing with Lemon Juice

How to get rid of shiny iron marks on clothes with lemon juice? Well, as soon as you realize that there is a mark on the cloth, put some lemon juice on it. Try to get a couple of lemons and squeeze the fresh juice on it, assuring that the shirt absorbs the liquid, and it settles on it. Then, put the shirt in a container of warm water and let it rest for about 15 to 30 minutes. Once you think that sufficient time has gone by, remove the shirt and let it dry.

Make sure that you don’t try out this remedy on clothes that are unsafe to use with bleach. The reason is that you may end up damaging the fabric. While its effects might be slight, still a damaged fabric is not an option. In fact, here we are actually trying to restore a burnt fabric to its original.

Using Vinegar

Another common remedy is the use of vinegar, but how to get rid of shiny iron marks on clothes with it? Get yourself some white vinegar and soak the sponge into it. You can also rag it into the liquid and then rub the sponge on the iron imprint. Let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before you wash it. A common mistake many people commit here is that they wash the item with warm water. It is better to use cold water if you are applying the vinegar to the scorch mark.

While many guides on this topic may suggest this remedy, only a few will let you know that other types of vinegar can worsen the problem.

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