Rowenta vs Oliso Irons – [ Top Model & Specs Compared ]

Both Oliso and Rowenta are the names that manufacture a wide variety of irons, available in all types of tastes and budgets. Each and every unit made by the brand is really well rated in their own segment. Here I am going to share some good units so that you can get the one that best suits you.

Oliso TG1050 Smart Iron

The TG1050 by Oliso is a perfect choice from a well known brand with an affordable price tag. Despite the lower price the iron is capable of producing 1600 watts of power. The best thing about this unit is that it has the iTouch technology that is made to avoid the fabric scorching. Additionally, the soleplate features a really thick stainless steel. This soleplate makes sure that you get a mirror glide finish. The finish aids in smooth ironing and you do not have to worry at all. In addition, the automatic turn off feature of the iron is designed so that if you have left the iron turned on. It will automatically be turned off after a specified time. So if you leave this model on the side, it will turn off after 30 seconds. On the other hand, If you’re not using it and the iron is spare for 8 minutes it would automatically turn off

Furthermore, the iron boasts a half inch wide tip helping you to reach and clean all the small details of the fabric. Adding more, the iron generates consistent steam with the help of equally spaced holes. Moreover, the long power cord makes sure that you get ample movability. The 360 degree pivot adds more to the freedom of movement. Also the spray mist helps to dampen the fabric aiding to remove all the stubborn wrinkles.

In addition, the iron also boasts the self cleaning and anti drip feature. These are designed especially to avoid calcium build up inside the unit. Moreover, by getting the Oliso TG1050 you also get a one year warranty. When you open the package you will also get a filling cup. Moreover, you would also be able to choose between horizontal burst, vertical burst and continuous steam options to work. Also you will be able to choose from a low, medium and high setting. All the features of this iron are great except one downside. The only con is that you may find some water leakage in the unit. However, this issue is just a handful and does not make any big deal.

Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence

The Model DW6080 Eco Intelligence is among the best irons from Rowenta. As the name of the unit indicates that this iron has been designed to be eco friendly. This iron forms the best choice for people who prefer energy efficient appliances. This unit boasts many high tech features with an energy efficient performance. Moreover, the iron is able to generate 1700 watts of power by utilizing 25 percent less energy compared to conventional irons. In addition, the soleplate features a three dimensional design that helps to produce concentrated steam. This feature also adds to minimize the amount of steam lost so there is less need for steam production. Moreover, the micro steam holes located at the soleplate are distributed for even steam production. In addition, the soleplate has been made by using scratch resistant stainless steel.

Furthermore, the eco system helps you to opt between different settings. You can opt for dry iron mode, an eco mode saving the steam and a boost mode to handle the stubborn creases. Additionally, the unit has a soft grip on the handle and the trigger has an ergonomic trigger design.

Also, the design enables both the left and the right handers. Moreover, you get a three way shut off that allows you to have peace of mind knowing that the unit will turn off automatically if it is left unattended. If you leave the iron inactive on the heel, it would turn off after 8 minutes of inactivity. On the other hand, it will turn off if you leave it unattended for 30 seconds on the soleplate or tipped over the side. The best thing about this unit is that it can generate vertical steam so that you can iron the hanging garments easily. This means that you can easily deal with your hanging clothes as well. Adding more, the model also has a self cleaning system. It is designed to gather the scale automatically, adding more to the lifetime of the iron. Lastly, the cool spray mist and 7.9 foot long cord makes it really easy to use.

Oliso TG1050 vs Rowenta DW6080

These two units from the respective brands are the best units. These two units are highly raved but here we will see which one gets more marks in comparison.


  • The Rowenta DW6080 eco Intelligence iron has a wattage of 1700 watts.
  • On the other hand, TG1050 by Oliso is able to put out 1600 watts of power

In the context of wattage, DW6080 by Rowenta definitely gets more marks. As the unit has higher wattage it does not take longer time to heat up. On the other hand, the wattage of Oliso is also sufficient but lesser compared to the Rowenta. The Oliso works perfectly, however during comparison it has lesser wattage. So Rowenta is the clear winner in this context.


Both the irons are designed to generate a continuous and concentrated steam. In the context of steam production, both work equally well. Where Rowenta has equally divided steam holes, the Oliso also features evenly divided holes for steam production.


  • In the context of different settings the Rowenta offers you with three different kinds of settings.
  • The Oliso features horizontal burst, vertical burst and continuous steam options to work. Also you will be able to choose from a low, medium and high setting.

In the context of setting options, both the units work equally well and both offer you to choose between different steam options.


The Oliso and Rowneta both have a soleplate that is made up of scratch resistant stainless steel. This material adds more life to the product and helps to attain a hassle free ironing experience.

Automatic Shut Off Feature

Both Oliso and Rowenta have the automatic shut off feature. This is really helpful for saving energy and also prevents any accident from happening. This feature allows you to have peace of mind and relaxation.


The Rowenta DW6080 has the self cleaning feature while Oliso does not have this one. This is a really useful thing as it cleans the iron automatically. This may cause you a lot of trouble as the deposits can be really hard to remove. These can hinder you from working properly. So here the Rowenta gets more marks.


The Oliso iron comes with a one year warranty. On the other hand, Rowenta does not come with this long warranty. Also the Rowenta irons last for a short time. And these have a short life time period. So here in this context, Oliso is able to get more marks compared to rowenta.


The Oliso iron has the unique iTouch technology that works by lowering the Scorch Guards with the touch of your hand. This lifts when you have stopped ironing, preventing burns, scorching and tipping. Also, the oliso has a detailer tip and an easy to use long power cord.


Why does the steam iron spit brown colored water?

The brownish colored liquid that spurts out of the vents of the iron may be because of the deposits or the organic matter in the hard water. If you use really hard water in the iron, these colored spots may start to come out at really early use of the iron. However, if you notice any white substance emitting out of the iron vents, this indicates that your water has calcium in it.

Can you use the clothes steamer for steaming your face?

The volume of steam and the temperature of the full sized clothes steamer and the handheld steamer is much more as compared to the facial steamer. There is a great risk of serious injury or sustaining burns to your face if the steamer has a high setting. So it is always advised to avoid using the clothes steamer on your face at every cost.

How well the steam generator irons work?

If you want steam irons for heavy duty then steam generator iron forms the best choice. These steam generators irons produce more steam with higher pressure. This helps you to iron thick fabrics smoothly and easily. If you want to deal with the bed sheets, curtains or viscous materials then you should get a steam generator.

How is a steam iron different from a dry iron?

The dry iron is considered to be older technology. Comparison between a dry and a steam iron shows that steam irons could get rid of crease faster as compared to the dry iron. The steam is able to loosen the individual fibers of the clothes. The action of the steam iron presses out and smoothens the wrinkles easily. Moreover, there are many dry irons in the market that also have the option to use steam.

Which type of iron is the best for clothes ironing?

The most popular iron nowadays is the steam iron. The steam iron has a soleplate that has a vent. These vents are located at equal distance and this helps to generate even steam for ironing. The steam removes the wrinkles and makes ironing easy for most of the fabrics. These irons boast many additional and unique features and typically these are more expensive.

Does steaming remove the wrinkles from clothes?

Steaming is a really effective way to get rid of the wrinkles out of most fabrics. It uses less space and less time and also less effort as compared to dry ironing. Also there are many other advantages of steam ironing which are health related.

How can you remove water from your steam irons?

In order to clean the internal steam chamber, you can start by heating your iron up. It is preferable to go near a drain or a sink and fill water in the water chamber. Now keep the iron over the dink, press the steam burst button repeatedly until the water starts to drip heavily from the bottom of the soleplate. This process also helps a lot to remove the mineral deposits that have built up during the use.

Can a steam iron be used as a dry iron?

Yes, In fact it is quite easy. If you want to use your steam iron as a dry iron, simply empty the water from the unit. Now adjust the iron to the dry heat option. Many people use the steam iron as the steam heat changes the shape of the fabric threads as compared to the dry heat faster. This saves a lot of your energy as well as the electricity.

Can you use the clothes steamer on your hair?

No, you definitely should not use the clothing steamer on your hair. Whether you have brunette, blonde fine or coarse locks. All the professionals believe that all the hair textures can be benefited from steaming. However, you should not use the iron steamer in your hair. If you want to get some hair steaming then you should go and see hair salons.

Can steaming add to shrink clothes?

The denim jeans and cotton shirts both may shrink by a warm or hot wash. The following high heat drying cycle can add more to shrink the fabrics. The steam heat adds to effectively shrink the wool clothes and some fabrics might shrink when these are soaked in warm water for prolonged time.


Both these units are really good in this comparison. However, with a really close competition the Oliso has managed to get more marks compared to Rowenta. Getting the unit that you want totally depends on the personal choice. You can opt for the one that best suits your needs. However, it is advised to get your hands that rank better. This would not only allow you the ease of use but also would last you longer. And you would not need to get a new unit after every while.

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