Rowenta Freemove Cordless Iron Review (DE5020) – 2021

Ironing; although it seems like a ritual of the long-gone days, an average human still spends at least 3 to 4 months a year doing it. Granted, it entails crisp clothes for most people; it is nothing short of a nightmare for many others. Obviously, not everybody enjoys tripping over a cord or getting zapped every two minutes by an exposed wire. Laundromats do rise to the occasion sometimes, but not having one in your vicinity—and the fear of losing your clothes, on top of that—brings you back to square one: DIY-ing it.

Rowenta Freemove Cordless Iron Review

🖐️ Move freely with cordless operation.
🖐️ Smart charging technology.
🖐️ Speedboat style ergonomic design.
🖐️ Charging indicator LED.
🖐️ Auto-shut feature.
🖐️ Even steam distribution throughout the soleplate.
🖐️ Stainless steel soleplate.
🖐️ A thick aluminum central core.

If the constant tripping and arm workouts that accompany ironing have worn you down, we think it is about time you invested in one of the best cordless iron. If you are pondering over the right choice, look no further than the Rowenta Freemove Cordless iron. “What makes this product so special?” You ask. Well, let us unpack the mechanics to see what makes this press so controllable and resourceful.

Cordless, Carefree Contraption

Even if the name is a dead giveaway, it does not hurt to reiterate that this invention is cordless; consequently, giving you complete control over your limbs and pressing techniques. Thus if you, by any chance, belong to the deviant sect that likes vertical ironing, then this product will surely be a godsend for you. The fact of the matter is, you can press as many garments standing up as you like—without getting entwined in a cord at that.

The Woeful Wired Base

Nonetheless, one cannot have one’s cake and eat it too because the iron still requires a wired base. The said base is what heats the iron and permits the cordless action. If this caveat puts you off, remember that three minutes is all it takes for you to get back to a smooth, free-moving ironing session.

Just wait for the light at the rear of the base to go green, and then you can let the trouble-free ironing begin. Now, just repeat this every 30 seconds to ensure that the iron remains heated. The iron itself will signal when it needs to be reenergized—taking yet another weight off your shoulders.

Whole Lots of Mini Steam Holes

The Rowenta Freemove soleplate—stainless steel, mind you—comes equipped with not 50, not 100, but a total of 400 staggering mini-holes that guarantee evenly distributed steam. The steam-on-demand clutch—underneath the handlebar—further pronounces the steam supply as well.

Jokes apart, you might feel like you are in a sauna with this iron around; however, we do not recommend using it for purposes other than the intended ironing ones.

Leak-proof and Low-key

Unlike other steam-run counterparts, the Rowenta Freemove is among the top irons produced by Rowenta and does not run the risk of seepage on account of its large, transparent opening. Thus, you can now tend to your chores without the fear of accidentally electrocuting yourself—as was the case with most archaic plug-in irons.

Furthermore, because of its anti-calc—code for easy to clean—mechanism, you can use untreated tap water with this product without worrying about salt residues. Hence, the Rowenta not only saves you big bucks on the initial purchase—starting only at about 100 dollars—but also on distilled water.

Amazing Automation

Ever left the iron unattended and almost burned the house down? With this machine’s auto-off feature, you can relegate all such worries to the back of your mind. To see this mechanism in action, all you have to do is ignore the iron for eight or so minutes.

A+ for Durability

Akin to other Rowenta merchandise, this iron also has a commendable shelf life. This longevity can undoubtedly be chalked up to the usual German efficiency.

If you are already sold on the efficacy of this innovation, try factoring some of the oncoming stumbling blocks into your expectations as well. Better safe than sorry, right?

The Achilles Heel


The frequent recharging might make an already dreaded ironing session even more dreadful. Although the 30 second galvanizing might not seem like an impediment to pressing a mere shirt, you certainly cannot say the same for a 9-inch long coverlet. You might end up sleeping on the ironing board this way.

Thus, if you are the occupied type, this is not the iron for you.

Persistent Creases

Since this product is lightweight, you have to use all your might to iron out the wrinkles. Sometimes they persist despite the constant and repeated pressure. Briefly, it’s a workout unto itself, and its 1500 Watts are—more often than not—useless when it comes to creases.


Does it cool down quickly?

Unfortunately, yes! This is one of the most significant blows to its sales. Unless you are ironing doilies, this iron will not come in handy.

Can I use it to press drapes?

Yes! One of the biggest advantages of its cordless mechanics is the vertical ironing it affords. You can iron out the creases in your drapes in an instant. However, you will frequently have to recharge the iron while you are at it.

Does it come in a range of colors?

Sadly, no! But the metallic blue is a sight to behold. Regardless, people mostly think of irons, what they think of screwdrivers: they are just tools, not ornaments.

The Final Verdict

Even though the Rowenta Freemove iron seems promising, it does not live up to the hype. The frequent recharging and corded base have invited backlash and caused multiple returns. All in all, the manufacturers’ heart was in the right place, but they did not think through some of the design flaws. If they decide to remove the base and go completely cordless with the following models, they might get some of their grace back.

Notwithstanding, if you have a lot of time on your hands and do not mind the repeated recharges, then this iron is right up your alley. Besides an iron that cleans itself? What more can one ask for? However, we are not going to make any guesses as to your lifestyle and leave the final decision to you.

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